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When you call, you will speak directly with a senior investment professional who can help you with all aspects of the investment process including analysis of your needs and current financial condition, portfolio construction, account opening, account management, and ongoing service.

Proactive Management

We appreciate that all investment styles will cycle in and out of favor. To mitigate the risk of having a portfolio entirely bound by a single, out-of-style approach (e.g., buy‑and‑hold during the bear market of 2007 to 2009 when the S&P 500 lost more than half of its value), we believe portfolios should be inclusive of a variety of asset allocation methods.

We believe investors should be proactive in avoiding major loss from deep and sustained bear markets by applying disciplined, nonemotional rules to reduce equity exposure in parts of their portfolio.

During bullish periods, we believe returns may be enhanced by increasing equity exposure by once again, applying disciplined, nonemotional rules to increase stock holdings.


Delta Investment Management is an independent investment advisory firm. We are not constrained to offering just “approved” securities on our “platform.”

Delta, unlike many larger and complex firms, is unconstrained by special commissions and other behind-the-scenes arrangements that might impair our interest and ability in providing you with the absolute best possible investment solutions at a low cost.

As an independent, institutional investment firm, we work with the largest securities firms and are able to offer clients a full selection of the highest-quality investment solutions. As an independent firm, we never lose sight that we first and foremost work for you, the client.

Personal Customer Service

Clients work directly with senior investment professionals. There are no automated phone trees to work through and service middlemen to prevent you from having direct access.

Given the very high importance of managing your life savings and achieving your long‑term financial objectives, we believe working together principal‑to‑principal is the appropriate relationship.


Trust is what it is all about. Delta is a firm built on integrity and going the extra mile for our clients. We provide clients with direct, straightforward answers. We place client interest first and believe in total transparency of process.

The better our clients understand and know us, the higher the likelihood of our achieving long-term investment success together. We believe working with clients is a team effort and we pride ourselves on knowing our clients on a personal level.